A high quality all in one Handle and head unit, complete with a Velcro buoyancy cuff, everything you need to safely land your catch!

Featuring a two piece main handle manufactured from high grade £k Carbon fibre, finished with a Japanese shrink-wrap handle. The same quality materials are used on the 42 Inch arms that attach securely to the main handle with a machine-cut minimalist spreader block. The floating sleeve supplied allows you to confidently rest the length of the handle and head in the water in front of you, and features a handy anti-snag mesh clip that keep everything tidy until your landing a fish.

Prologic C3 FULCRUM 42


    Za sve porudžbine preko 5000 dinara.


    Isporuka se vrši POST EXPRES servisom. Rok isporuke 2-5 radnih dana

  • Karakteristike

    • 3k, two-section, high modulus carbon handle
    • 42” high modulus carbon arms
    • Machine-cut minimalist spreader block
    • Anti-absorbent EVA net float
    • Snag-safe mesh clip
    • Ultra-soft, fish-safe, camo mesh
    • Japanese shrink grips