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The Vayron reel blends experience with technology. It is designed for medium and long-distance fishing. Its handle is directly connected to the drive gear, therefore eliminating any unsteadiness and increasing its retrieval power.
Its 2 aluminium spools (one is thickened to fit braided line, while the other is for nylon) has a double-cushioned clip. The front drag can be micro-adjusted and is extremely smooth.

Vayron, when under load, rotates perfectly smoothly, thus you will not need to pump your rod to retrieve large fish. This reel is extraordinary both for feeder fishing and for the sea.

Thanks to its carbon and graphite body, Vayron offers excellent stability and fluidity as it prevents any twisting when retrieving large fish.



    Za sve porudžbine preko 5000 dinara.


    Isporuka se vrši POST EXPRES servisom. Rok isporuke 2-5 radnih dana

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