It is with our enormous pleasure and satisfaction that we present the NADIR series whose weights of 235gr and 250gr make us dream of reels built with a carbon rotor and an aluminum body.

Materials that have allowed us to reach exceptional weights with unparalleled strength and resistance.

The NADIR could only be equipped with the best technologies on the market, V-Shape System, Knurling, CNC Nail, Screw-in Handle and Soft Damping Line Clip.

We would also like to underline the importance of the ANTI-TWIST POWER LINE ROLLER which together with the PARALLEL WINDING SYSTEM guarantee ever more performing performances.

What can I say, try it!

Colmic NADIR


    Za sve porudžbine preko 5000 dinara.


    Isporuka se vrši POST EXPRES servisom. Rok isporuke 2-5 radnih dana