This series was produced in ULTRALIGHT graphite and stands out for its gear fluidity and its soft yet powerful retrieval capacity. It is equipped with OVERSIZE low-capacity spool, which allows for longer casts with respect to regular-sized spools.

The NEW LEPUS features the unmissable SCREW-IN HANDLE SYSTEM: the handle is directly screwed into the drive gear, hence preventing any unsteadiness and strengthening its retrieval power.

Another interesting feature is the KNURLING SYSTEM at the spool’s core, which is incredibly useful in preventing any slipping of the braided lines on the spool.
The LEPUS series was designed for any type of fishing, either in freshwater (FEEDER, BOLOGNESE and ENGLISH style fishing) or at sea (LIGHT BIG GAME).

It is equipped with 8 shielded stainless-steel ball bearings, plus a 9th ball bearing, which is purposefully designed for the anti-reverse function.
LEPUS reels, catchy and aggressive in their shape, could never go unnoticed by any fishing reels enthusiast.

Colmic LEPUS


    Za sve porudžbine preko 5000 dinara.


    Isporuka se vrši POST EXPRES servisom. Rok isporuke 2-5 radnih dana

  • Karakteristike

    • Prednja kočnica
    • Prenos: 5.1:1
    • Broj lagera: 8+1